Forex News Trading: Trades for Friday, June 5, 2020

8:30 AM EDT
US Non-Farm Employment Change

There is no sense in looking at the history of this. The forecast is for 8 million more unemployed and the unemployment rate going up roughly 5% from 14 to 19.

These numbers are still very ugly though businesses are starting to reopen and by the July report I would expect lots of new jobs to have been added (in June). Until then we have this.

I have not seen any movement at all from recent trades. The AUD GDP q/q this week didn’t budge though the deviation was better than expected by 0.1%.

Not sure what to expect from this one, but would be surprised to see a move big enough to get in.

SETTINGS: Set buy/sellPips to 10 and get out quick whether you are in or not.

8:30 AM EDT
CAD Employment Change

In Canada the expectation is for another 500,000 unemployed and the unemployment rate pushing up another 2%. Expect the same thing here as with the US NFP. Not really much else to say.

SETTINGS: Set buy/sellPips to 10 or 12 and get out within a few seconds whether you go live or not. Do not expect follow through.

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