Forex News Trading: Trades for week of May 3 – 8, 2020

I didn’t do any of the trades last week, anticipating none would have any movement and not wanting to take the risk, so not sure if there was any movement.

Some things are starting back up now so from a trading perspective that is good. Hoping to see late May as the time when trading starts to come back, though that might be optimistic.

Anyway the trades I will post next week are:

Tue 12:30 AM – AUD Cash Rate
Tue 6:45 PM – NZD Employment Change q/q
Thu 2:00 AM – UK Official Bank Rate (you read that right. 2 AM. That’s what it says in Forex Factory)
Fri 8:30 AM – US Non-Farm Employment Change
Fri 8:30 AM – CAD Employment Change

I noticed the forecast for the US NFP is -21 million jobs. This feels like the twilight zone.

About Barry Battista

I am a software guy that started trading in 2006. I have been trading the news for a living ever since. Eventually I wrote some code to help a friend and I improve our odds, and gradually the software took on a life of its own. My intention is to adapt this trading style to the ever changing Forex markets to always provide the trader with the tools and information to give them the maximum odds of a profitable trade.
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