Forex News Trading: Trade for Tuesday, June 23, 2020

10:00 PM EDT
NZD Official Cash Rate

The rate is at 0.25% (like most everybody elses rate), and it is expected the rate will be left there for now. Since the Kiwi numbers are reported quarterly for CPI and GDP, they may be one of the last countries to start raising their rates since the recovery will not be as apparent until the next set of numbers come out.

It is highly unlikely they will raise the rate.

SETTINGS: Set buy/sellPips to 35 and get out if there is not a huge spike within a few seconds.

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I am a software guy that started trading in 2006. I have been trading the news for a living ever since. Eventually I wrote some code to help a friend and I improve our odds, and gradually the software took on a life of its own. My intention is to adapt this trading style to the ever changing Forex markets to always provide the trader with the tools and information to give them the maximum odds of a profitable trade.
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