The future and week of July 5 – 10, 2020

The deviation for the NFP was huge but the spike was only about 20 with an instant retracement.

It is difficult to say when the markets will start behaving normally again, but it is impossible to make any money in these markets by Straddle trading. My hope was this would go away quick and things would get back to normal, but that doesn’t appear likely, so it is a waste to keep doing this.

So here is what I’d like to propose. Those of you that are paying, cancel your payments. I think you can do it on the HOT website or through Paypal.

I will NOT turn off your access to it so you are free to use it as much as you would like. I will also try some trades like NFP and some of the bigger movers to see when things get back on track, and maybe we can review things again then, but for now it makes no sense to be paying anything for this.

I may make a weekly post here or there and mention some of the bigger trades, but will cut back on daily posting. If there is no weekly post it means I am not personally planning on doing any trades the following week. But you all have been trading long enough to know what trades to try and how to set up for it, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Send me an email if you have questions about a trade.

So feel free to stop your payments. Keep an eye on the blog for an occasional update and maybe to see when things start working again.

Next week I might try the CAD Employment Change on Friday. The AUD Cash rate is at 12:30 in the morning for me so that is out.

Good luck moving forward.


About Barry Battista

I am a software guy that started trading in 2006. I have been trading the news for a living ever since. Eventually I wrote some code to help a friend and I improve our odds, and gradually the software took on a life of its own. My intention is to adapt this trading style to the ever changing Forex markets to always provide the trader with the tools and information to give them the maximum odds of a profitable trade.
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